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Survey Experience

Dr. Stephen Johnson has worked in the area of survey research for more than 30 years.  Dr. Johnson has been the principal investigator or project director for more than 150 surveys, including surveys for:  the National Science Foundation; Yale Law School, Stanford University, the University of Oregon, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, the State of Nevada; the State of Oregon; the State of Washington; the Province of Ontario; AARP; the Dreman Foundation, the Northwest Area Foundation; and many local governments and non-profits.  Dr. Johnson has also conducted original research on survey methodology and presented at the annual meeting of the American Association of Public Opinion Researchers.  Prior to starting Steve Johnson & Associates, Dr. Johnson was president of Northwest Survey & Data Services for eight years and served for five years as the associate director for the University of Oregon Survey Research Laboratory.  In addition, Dr. Johnson is a research associate with the private research firm of Decision Research and has published more than 40 peer reviewed papers.